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Bonnie Glendinning,
Founder & Artist Mentor


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For over 25 years I have developed distinct creative brands and effective marketing strategies for my clients.

I am ready to help you create your outstanding art brand, diversify your income and have a stellar customer experience for your audience.

Just click the “Book Your Art Biz Session” button to purchase your individual session with me. After you have paid you will be able to schedule the session to suit your calendar.

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Bonnie, your networking, knowledge and vision are gifts to ALL, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me.

I have learned so much about social media marketing strategies, email marketing, website design and online presence. Not to mention, the importance of taking the time to create a real business structure, goal setting, along with time management.

I look forward to working with you on our next step in development. THANK YOU!!

Christopher Sullivan
Artist |



Bonnie continually provides compelling solutions for my design, branding, and marketing needs. Her industry insights and creative direction have successfully helped launch my businesses. For the past 18 years, she has always delivered on-time results that exceeded my expectations.
Alicia Funk
Founder & Director |


Bonnie created a marketing plan for Generous Art, which I can use for all my projects. It is so good and applicable to my way of thinking. Then she became an ally in my planning success.
Jennifer Chenoweth
Founder |

Bonnie and I shared an inspired and dynamic exchange of ideas. She offered valuable resources and website suggestions, and she was generous with her time. She helped me define the small steps to reach my goals, while keeping the bigger vision in sight.
Christine Auda
Artist |

Bonnie’s Thriving Artist Mastermind experience was a gift for myself. As a coach Bonnie becomes a very knowledgeable inspiring friend. She is authentic and thoughtful in her teaching. She leads us through the steps to market ourselves, helping us discover our target market, our brand, and a website design that will intrigue our clients. We made real our goals, our far out ideas, and our wonderments. The small group setup enabled us to bounce off of each other by gathering insights that we would not have see on our own. I am so motivated to act, instead of just think about it! Thanks Bonnie!
Joan Justis
Artist |

Bonnie helped me with my overall branding. She went through my website and social media platforms with a fine tooth comb and helped me align my brand. I’ve had more traffic to my website since I made her suggested changes to my website in the past 4 days than I had in the previous few weeks. Not only do I have more traffic to my site but people are visiting multiple pages when they visit and staying longer. And, her suggestions have enabled two clients to order more paintings! It can be challenging to see your website and branding through your potential clients eyes and Bonnie helped me understand how to make my information more engaging.
Nicklos Richards
Artist |

Even the more established artist needs reminders of possibilities. Bonnie took me through a discussion that allowed me to be specific, speak with clarity about my goals and objectives. She reminded me of things I knew, but often forget because I am too close to my marketing and artistic processes. Her conversation with me added fuel to my flames and reinvigorated my sense of purpose. AND… her follow up email held a wonderful surprise idea that I am going to make an actionable item ASAP!
Terri Lloyd

She put me on a course of re-assesing my priorities and implementing a focused approach to becoming more visible in my community and the art market in general. Pointing out the importance of demographics and how to tailor my marketing and PR to those areas. Narrowing my creative interests and styles to compliment my subject matter.
Jim Lee

Bonnie took extra time with me, listened to me, and did not hurry off the phone for another appointment. She made me feel validated, and that I had potential to improve, and also that she was happy and willing to guide me through the journey. Very happy with our phone conversation. Thank you Bonnie!
Brandy Cattoor

Bonnie asked the important questions that helped me clarify what my goals and priorities are. She listened to what I was saying and then immediately gave suggestions on how to better communicate the essential value and meaning that my work brings. I left the conversation feeling hopeful about achieving a creative lifestyle with both art and business.
Ashley Rodriguez Reed

Bonnie was great in giving me feedback on what I already have and she spotted immediately the points to be improved. In a short period of time she suggested several possibilities for developing my art and how to brand it correctly. She knows how to listen to your needs and she is such a gold mine of information in the art industry.
Mihaela Moldovan Perianu

Bonnie is as generous as she is knowledgeable. And such a good listener. She helped me articulate my dreams and goals and then had lots of ideas to get me there. I have a much clearer idea of steps I might take to make that path possible.
Laureen Marchand

Your Art Biz Refresh + Refocus Retreat was a nice mental and physical break from the grind. Rejuvenating, helpful guide to insight on yourself as an artist and business. Clears out the cobwebs and aids in understanding where you are as an artist, and finding your Why, the reason behind what you do in art.
Tim Longwell

Just a few love notes from Thriving Artist Summit fans…


Thank you and your guests so much for all this rich material. I have been quite overwhelmed by the generosity of the whole summit. I think it is wonderful. I’ve been writing notes and plans and ideas non-stop!
Ronnie C.

Thank you Bonnie! I really enjoyed all the interviews and learned to so much, and also got re-inspired with my own art.
Heather C.

Thank you for the summit! It’s absolutely the best selection of info for an artist. Some interviews I’ve listened 4 times already and every time I was finding new pointers that I missed before. Thank you Bonnie, It’s great what you are doing for artists! 
Elena B.

Bonnie asked the important questions that helped me clarify what my goals and priorities are. She listened to what I was saying and then immediately gave suggestions on how to better communicate the essential value and meaning that my work brings. I left the conversation feeling hopeful about achieving a creative lifestyle with both art and business.
Ashley Rodriguez Reed

Bonnie, Your Thriving Artist Summit was FANTASTIC!!!! It was like I was attending the University of Creativity! I loved the various diversity of topics, of expertise, and the whole experience of insights with information. It was genius all combined into one Summit. I’ve never learned so much. And being a newbie to Licensing, it served like a personal Treasure. Now, I want to compliment you on your fantastic questions. What a revelation. It was original, refreshing, and nothing else like it.
Stan T.

I wanted to express my thanks for your having organized the Thriving Artist Summit. Each morning (and on my way home from work) I could not wait to listen to the next podcast. As one who dreams to freelance as an illustrator/designer, I found this to be incredibly helpful and inspirational.
Megan G.

I just discovered the Summit tonight and want to thank you for organizing it. I have found the recordings very interesting and helpful in focusing the areas I need to build in my practice as an artist.
Lisa H.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful interviews! You are excellent at asking the right questions. I am impressed by how well this has been put together.
Jenny F.

I am a graphic designer and wall muralist living in Guatemala City and I just wanted to say thank you and congrats for the Thriving Artist Summit.  It was very helpful and I like the fact that there were diversity in the profiles of the guests. I loved how open the artist were about telling personal stories about their lives and their work. It was helpful to learn from experts and pros from different cities and disciplines.
Lucia R.

Thank you so much for creating the Thriving Artist Summit.  I have learned so much and have enjoyed listening to each expert.  I am so very grateful to you!!!
Carolyn W.


“It is my mission to empower, inspire, and educate artists to thrive and prosper.”

Bonnie Glendinning, Founder & Artist Mentor

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