Don’t Let FOMO Steal Your Art Mojo

Can you relate to this? When I start a project I am usually flooded with ideas and have too many directions to consider. Plus, if it is a project requiring new skills I typically research and educate myself a bit which can actually cause me to be even more overwhelmed with possibilities. Then I can end up in the paralyzing state of FOMO.

What Is FOMO?

FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out and causes me to be indecisive. For me, this happens because I now have soooo many ideas and avenues it is near impossible to delineate which direction to choose. They all seem exciting and true and I don’t want to miss out on something I could’ve or should’ve pursued instead. Make sense?

To avoid being paralyzed with inaction I will step back and get some perspective. Usually I put the project aside for at least a few days and work on something else altogether. My mind continues mulling it all over while on my mental back burner. Soon I will have moments of clarity that I must jot down immediately to avoid being lost forever. 

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Transform Overwhelm Into Singularly Amazing 

Many of our ideas might seem like an impossible undertaking with so many moving parts. Yet, take notes (yes, pun intended) from composer and conductor, Eric Whitacre.

Eric experimented with the power of social media in May 2009. He sought out singers from all over the globe to submit their track for his new composition. This project created a user-generated choir bringing together singers from around the world in their love of music making through the use of technology. The videos were synchronized and combined into one single performance to create the Virtual Choir.

Eric acheived coordinating and collating a massive amount of information into a beautifully arranged composition.



The Beauty of More

Like you I have a creative mind and the ideas don’t actually stop. Ever. But, it is human nature to find patterns to make sense of our surroundings and situation. So, is this tidal wave of ideas a bad thing? In my case, and likely yours, I have to see it as an advantage and make it work.

When my FOMO rears its ugly head on a new project, I must choose to be decisive on making even a first step. I can always go back to my sea of ideas to pivot in a new direction if I need to.


Tweet Me: Don’t let #FOMO steal your art mojo!Tweet: Don’t let #FOMO steal your art mojo! @thriveartist



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