How To Not Lose A $900,000 Sale Again

Recently, I was catching up with an artist friend visiting Austin. I hadn’t seen him since he’d moved and I was looking forward to hearing how it was all going for him.

There was one comment in particular he had that stood out and I want to share it with you.

He told me that he was doing well and was selling work before he could even complete the paintings. He also had a solo show at a high end car dealership giving great exposure to the audience he was seeking as his collectors.

The owner of the dealership is quite wealthy and even owns a private box at the local sports arena. In his box he had a painting on display that he proudly declared he paid $900,000 for it.

He then told my artist friend that he didn’t consider buying one of his paintings from the show because they were too inexpensive.

It was a turning point for him to understand how he valued his art, presented his work, and communicated his vision and experience of his art altogether.

Remember, you are not your client. Please don’t price based on your own wallet. Pricing is an ongoing process as you evolve in your career. Continually learning from and understanding your target market and ideal client is critical in your studio success.

I know that pricing can trigger some intense resistance and even surprising responses. Read Redefining the Value of Money for a new perspective on money. Let pricing be an enjoyable experience to showcase your art and support your financial success.

Bottom line, I recommend that you call upon your bravery and push your boundaries of what you can and will achieve with your art and business.

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