I Am An Artist

Along the way I have definitely had doubts about being an artist. Whether the doubt was internal and I felt like an impostor or external because I never “fit” in somehow. Each reinforcing the starving artist myth a little bit more.

Doubts are healthy if used to curate your art in some way, but, not if they stop you from any progress at all.

Ironically, the never fitting in is the essence of being an artist. Meaning, as an artist you are always on the edge of creating something new and different in some way. By that definition only you could fit there because no one besides you is even there yet. In fact, it makes you a leader. Make sense?

Artists create new destinations for others to seek out. Tweet: Artists create new destinations for others to seek out. http://ctt.ec/ck6Ca+ #thriveartist Thx @lisacongdon

Lisa Congdon shares her journey as an artist on her blog and states beautifully how she’s come to own being an artist:

I have also come to own & embrace all of my experience, including my unconventional (and late blooming) path, including feeling like an imposter, including my mistakes, including all of the less attractive parts of my story. Because all of those things, in addition to my hard work & my successes, have helped to make me who I am.


(c) Lisa Congdon


(H/T Lisa Congdon)

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