It’s Not All About Growth

Do you often hear that you must grow your business, list, audience, site traffic, likes and followers, etc.? It makes sense since growth is definitely the accepted path to success. However, if you hit a plateau you might panic that you are on your way to failure.

I suggest you take a breath and realize this is actually an opportunity for you to understand and nuture your current success.

I am referring to the relationships you have with your existing customers. I have mentioned before that acquiring a new customer is far more expensive (time, money, resources) than it is to sell to existing customers.

Your goal is to have customers that stay with you throughout your entire career. They want to have your creations in their life to enjoy and inspire them for years to come. Regularly reaching out to get a pulse on what matters to them will likely spark new ideas for your designs or products.

Make it dead simple for customers to give feedback and suggestions with a short survey. I use Google Forms because it’s free and easy. Also, allow them to choose to remain anonymous if possible to encourage more responses.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and innovate with new messaging, tools, products, forums, and interactions with your customers. Research where your audience is on the web and start conversations and cross-promote on other social media channels.

Growth is important in a business, but, lulls are to be expected along the way. The relationships you have with your existing audience are what really matter. It’s better to have an audience of 100 highly engaged customers than 1,000 non-participators.

To shift out of a lull, relax and find creative, new ways to stay connected with your customers.


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Bonnie Glendinning, Founder of The Thriving Artist, is a Branding & Community Strategist for Artists. With her professional artist programs, she empowers artists to live and work prosperously. Join Bonnie and other artists in her Thriving Artist Path global community, on Periscope @thriveartist, and here on the web.