Step #3: Take Action (Even If It’s Scary)


We are on to Step #3 today on your path to declaring your independence as an artist.

Following my Dad’s lessons to live “The American Dream” we started with Step #1 — how to identify your vision and fortify our mindset. Next was Step #2 to inform and educate yourself to get you to your destination.

Have you heard of this phrase?
“Follow your bliss”

or, this phrase?
“Do what you love, the money will follow”

Both are encouraging, uplifting and true. Yet, are also highly condensed statements ultimately leaving me to ask…


Well, that’s nice, but, how do I do that exactly? No, really, how?

What is missing for me is a key concept and I would update it to say “Do what you love, take action, and the money will follow.” or “Follow your bliss and take action.” I know, I know, not as catchy.


Step #3: Take Action

Let’s take the case of your art as a business. Your first response might be that you don’t know anything about business. This might be true, but you definitely do not need to have an MBA to have a successful business either.

As an artist you are innovative, creative, and a problem solver. These traits are so intuitive for you, and you may not realize this, but, these are the exact traits needed to be an entrepreneur.

Thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur can reduce fears and elicit a sense of adventure.

This powerful shift of how you think of yourself and your capabilities results in a whole new world of real possibilities.

If you still have doubts, go forward anyway.

If it feels scary, you are on the right track.

Taking that action and stepping into the unknown is critical. It allows you to make it known, providing the evidence you are seeking one way or the other.



Along the way, I have created a few businesses:
– handmade greeting cards
– graphic design
– branding & marketing
– online art gallery
– coaching/consulting
– education and courses
– I have plans for at least one or two more

With each of these business I was faced with a lot of unknowns. I took action based on educated guesses or even calculated risks. I have never regretted going forward.

You won’t know everything, ever, but do not let it stop you from taking the first of many steps toward your destination.



What are the ways you need to take action to get to your destination?


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Bonnie Glendinning,
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