Step #4: Be Persistent


Glad you are here!

We only have a few days left as we move along the path your declaration of independence.

Together we have covered these 3 steps so far:
Step #1: your vision and mindset
Step #2: inform and educate yourself
Step #3: take action

My Dad’s path to his destination required this next step and so will yours.

Step #4: Be Persistent

I have often been called obstinate in my pursuit of what I want to achieve. (Again, got this from my Dad). While some may see this as a bad trait, I see it as a good trait.


No matter where you are in your life there will always be naysayers, Debbie downers, and dream killers ready to “help you”.

Some of these people truly believe they are doing you a favor and saving you from a load of trouble and grief. Family and friends are usually the culprits because either they are genuinely concerned for your well-being or they are projecting their own fears upon you.

Though likely well meaning, you must learn to decipher if their concerns are worth investigating or if you simply need to say “thank you for your concern…” and proceed anyway.

And, sometimes the doubt demons can also come from within yourself.

Are you familiar with these:
“I am not good enough yet.”
“I don’t have enough time.”
“I have zero resources.”
“What if I fail?”

My weapon against Debbie downers and doubt demons is to learn to say “No”.

“No” is your BFF and always will be for these reasons:
– It allows you to pause and consider the situation
– It allows you to find your footing
– It establishes important boundaries
– It helps you delineate what you truly want
– It boosts your self-confidence

Make today the day you will declare yourself and independent artist! 😉

The most important thing about saying “No” is…

“No” opens up vast space for the “Yes” and even “Hell Yes!” in your life.

No more mediocre, half-baked, meh projects, experiences, relationships.

You can be less blunt and say “Thanks. I will think about that.” Which might be more tactful. Just find your way to declare your intention so that it supports what you really want.

It is a simple and effective choice you have. The more you do it, the more confidence and clarity you have on your side to overcome any obstacles.

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As to the common doubt demons, here are my responses for you:

“I am not good enough yet.”
→ There will always be someone behind and ahead of you. You are ready now.

“I don’t have enough time.”
→ Taking even 5-15 minutes a day will help. Small steps add up to big leaps.

“I have zero resources.”
Start where you are and build on that. Reach out to others for help.

“What if I fail?”
Failing is good for your soul. It means you are learning. I suggest you just fail faster. 





Also, remember that any doubts are typically your ego not wanting to get bruised or challenged. Our egos are a tad fragile and it tries to protect itself all the time.

But, you have to say “No” to your ego and “Yes” to YOU!  😉



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Bonnie 🙂


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