Step #5: Create Opportunities


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How are you coming along with your own declaration of independence?

Together we have covered 4 steps:
Step #1: your vision and mindset
Step #2: inform and educate yourself
Step #3: take action
Step #4: be persistent

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Step #5: Create Your Own Opportunities


In the spirit of my Dad’s path, he knew he would not get all the way to America without creating his own opportunities. He couldn’t just wait for it to happen or come to him.

First, I want to delineate between being opportunistic and creating opportunities. Being opportunistic is blatantly disregarding others in the process and is essentially an amoral pursuit. This is not what we are after.

I mention this in case you are feeling awkward about stepping up to claim an opportunity that you see. Like it feels too selfish or greedy somehow.

Actually, it is the opposite. It is an act of support for your vision and goals you want to achieve. It is based in the belief and confidence you are choosing a path that is right for you.

Even more, I believe it is both your right and your duty to yourself to pursue any and all opportunities that will create a life and business that you actually want.

Make today the day you will declare yourself and independent artist! 😉


Success is where opportunity and preparation meet. — Bobby Unser


To make the most of the opportunity you want to be prepared.

Preparation is the culmination of your experience, research, connections, community, and industry know-how to ensure you can make the most of the opportunity.

Being ready allows you to both recognize and jump in on unexpected opportunities with greater confidence.

The exciting thing about opportunities is that they are exponential. It is almost like a contagion breeding more opportunities.

You are a natural dot connector, problem solver, visionary, story teller, community builder and creating opportunities is simply using your natural entrepreneurial traits and being the CEO of your life.


I am proof this works…


The Summit is my own example of creating an opportunity, the exponential effect of another opportunity arising, and being prepared for it.

After The Thriving Artist Creative Summit Series a writer wanted to pitch a story about it to Professional Artist magazine. When she asked me if I was interested I was able to confidently say “Yes” because I was ready with my press kit, all info she needed to do research, etc.

And, then I was actually featured in Professional Artist Magazine!


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To help you be as prepared as possible I sought out many experts to interview for the Summit. 

Here are just a handful of experts that really, really, really give solid advice and insights on creating your own opportunities as an artist:


→ Artist Adviser Barney Davey details successful strategies to marketing, pricing, and building your art business. This is a 90-minute interview.


→ Brian Meece, CEO of discusses how to raise funds & awareness for your projects with their innovative platform.


→ Indie Retail Expert Clare Yuille shares the ins-and-outs of the wholesale world and working with retailers successfully.


→ Accomplished author, actor, teacher Samantha Bennett dives into moving beyond perfectionism, building your community, and shadow goals as a creative.


→ Brainard Carey, artist, mentor, author, and educator shares wonderful true tales of surprising and persistent tactics to reach your goals.


These and all the other mentors, artists, experts (50+ in total) are included in the All Access Program Bundle.

This Bundle will help you be the independent artist you seek to be and covers many topics including mindset, marketing, social media, branding, business, legal, money, and more.

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Bonnie 🙂


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