Step #1: Your Vision & Mindset


I know that there is no better time in history to be successful on your own terms as an artist. Yesterday I shared how my Dad had his heart set on following his own path and how he made it a reality.

And, then in that spirit, I asked you to make your own declaration of independence as an artist

I say declare it for yourself and share it with the world. #declareandshare


Have you started to think about where to start?


I have 2 steps to help you set your compass…


#1 Identify your vision to provide the motivation to reach your destination and be inspired by what you want to accomplish. Distill your vision in to a statement that is concise, aspirational, clear, and memorable. Here’s a simple example: Disney – To make people happy.

You can also add factors that quantify ($100,000 in profits by 2020) or qualify (Bring the beauty of art to home and office spaces everywhere) your vision — making it more tangible.


#2 Fortify your mindset to ensure you will overcome any obstacles and to spur you on. Take a moment to take stock of your life and your world around you. What is working or not, who is there to support you or not, is fear overruling your courage, is perfection killing your momentum, are your goals challenging you.

Know that your beliefs about yourself, your life, your situation are what will make or break you and must be updated to match your current goals. Exercise your free will muscles and create habits that support your ability to adapt and to be flexible.


I know it can be easier said than done, but consider this little wisdom nugget…

“Don’t cling to a mistake because you spent a lot of time making it.” — Unknown

Right?! I know I am guilty of clinging on too long. And, when I *finally* let go I cannot believe it took me soooooo long. But, phew, am I glad I did!




My own vision statement is to help artists like you thrive and prosper in your art career. 

To do this I decided to find the most sought after mentors, experts, and artists to learn the how’s and why’s of their success and produced The Thriving Artist Creative Summit Series.

The Summit has since educated and inspired over 140,000 artists around the world in over 90 countries and has built a community of over 11,000 followers combined. My Dad would be so proud of me. 😉

So, when I say it matters to pursue your dreams I personally know what it means to do this. It is not just lip service.


The Thriving Artist Creative Summit Series is comprised of over 50 in depth interviews with the most generous, helpful, experienced, ready-to-help-you industry experts. The interviews average about 60 minutes each and are chock full of actionable information. Plus, I have included a companion worksheet for each one to help you organize your thoughts and take action.

The topics cover business, branding, pricing, galleries, sales, marketing, social media, licensing, wholesale, diversifying, raising funds, and more.


Here are just a handful of experts that represent having a vision and mindset for success:

→ Artist Owen Garratt shares in-depth the key sales, marketing, and business practices he uses in his million dollar art business.

→ Emilie Wapnick shares her experience and insights of how to fully integrate being a multipotentialite in your life and career.

→ Artist, choreographer, and educator Gina Morris discusses how to value your art and you are the cultural, thought, and economic leaders of our time.

→ Artist Flora Bowley shares the importance of integrating an open mind with trusting your instinct to find your own artistic path to success.


These and all the other mentors, artists, experts (50+ in total) are included in the All Access Program Bundle.


The beauty of these interviews is that they are geared specifically to you as an artist. You don’t have to go searching all over the Internet for this knowledge. And, each of these experts would charge you a premium hourly rate (rightly so) if you were to consult one on one with them.


The bundle which also includes Art Biz Jumpstart System and Periscope For Your Art Biz Success. Both of these programs will set you up to start your business, use PR, network, get clients, set your mindset, and go live to meet your customers via your smartphone.


Get instant access to the All Access Bundle:

You will get 10 bonus materials, 12 videos, 51 audios, 53 mentors, 60 hours of content, and be part of our private community. All of this can be accessed at your leisure via your desktop or mobile device, 24/7.


Make today the day you will declare yourself and independent artist! 😉


Check out the complete details:




Bonnie 🙂

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Bonnie Glendinning,
Artists’ Coach and Mentor

Bonnie Glendinning, Founder of The Thriving Artist and The Artists’ Mentor, and is an Artists’ Coach and Mentor. With her professional artist programs, she empowers artists to live and work prosperously. Join Bonnie and other artists in her global community here on the web.

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