Try The Power of Possible Thinking

Though your creativity as an artist is boundless, you can still end up in a rut now and then. If this is the case, I encourage you to experiment and try the power of possible thinking. Here are a few artists that have successfully done this:


Connect With New Audiences

Laurie Frick tracks the data accumulated in her life and creates art installations based on her own daily data. To further her art, she decided to create an app (FRICKbits) that allows you to track your own personal data to create your own art.

Laurie created a campaign to fund the development of the FRICKbits app. She raised $33,632 — exceeding her goal by nearly 450%!

The essence and intention of her art has not changed. She simply took a new avenue to express her work resulting in an engaged and fresh audience to connect with.

Walking, Eating, Sleeping // Laurie Frick, Artist


Collaborate With Community

Jennifer Chenoweth knew she was not alone with having excess art inventory in her studio. Being a natural creative problem-solver Jennifer set out to bring her multiple passions of art, community, and culture together.

She created Generous Art to sell existing inventory from artists studios to provide income for the artist (40%), donate to non-profits (40%), and sustain Generous Art with (20%) of the proceeds.

Generous Art has donated well over $10,000 to local non-profits and Jennifer plans to expand to other cities.

GA // Jennifer Chenoweth, Founder & Art Futurist


Find A New Way

Virginia Fleck creates large and intricate mandalas with plastic shopping bags that are quite mesmerizing. I spoke with her during an open studio tour about her designs that were different from her standard mandalas.

Virginia explained that she was commissioned to have her art in a hospital, but, they required the art to be hermetically sealed for safety/cleanliness regulations. This need allowed her to discover a completely new way to showcase her art. She’s since been commissioned by other healthcare and institutional settings.


Blossom Bounce // Virginia Fleck, Artist
Blossom Bounce // Virginia Fleck, Artist


I hope these artists have sparked ideas for you to push your creativity and art in new ways. Remember to not give up — just mix it up!


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