The Present Perfect by Jen Kiaba Barry

Woohoo!! I could not be more excited to announce our first guest instructor course on The Artists’ Mentor.


The Present Perfect

The Present Perfect by Jen Kiaba Barry is an introductory course on Mindfulness, using Photography as a tool. The purpose of this course is to deepen your creative process through photography and make it more meaningful to you.

In the English language, the Present Perfect is a tense that can refer to something that is in process. To be in process can be such a beautiful thing if we allow it. In this seven day course you will slow down and begin to notice the world around you, as well as the deep inner life that we all have.



This course is designed to acknowledge the process that we are in, whether good or bad. Once we acknowledge where we are, we can draw learning from our process and find ways to shift where appropriate.

Each of the seven days you will be given an assignment and asked to allot about 20 minutes to contemplate the assignment, take a photograph, and write a reflection.

We begin with observing the world around us. As the days progress we will deepen into observing our inner selves. Finally circling back to observing how we feel in relation to the world around us.

The end result of this course will be that you will have tapped into a deep reservoir of information and emotion that can be used as a catalyst for growth, change, and creation!



All you need is: pen, paper, Internet access, camera (smartphone camera is fine!), an open mind, and at least 20 minutes per day for 7 days


About Jen Kiaba Barry

Jen is a Photographer, Educator, and Digital Marketer. She helps soulful artists who are having trouble bringing their true creative work into the world by helping them overcome their blocks and fears, while defining their true voice in a supportive, nurturing environment. She also teaches those same artists marketing techniques that can help them make their work visible to the world.



This course is a gift from Jen to you.
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