What Do You Need To Let Go Of This Year?

You know when life does not actually go as planned?

Well, that’s 2017 for me so far.

I was surprised with an injury that is getting better but will take much longer to heal than I had hoped. This is relevant because it has forced me to stay off the computer delaying progress on projects.

In fact, it has me re-thinking everything to be much simpler and more focused because I prefer done vs. perfect — every time!

Like you, I have dreams of what I want to create and achieve in my life.

These dreams each have a world of their own with mountains to climb, oceans to sail, and new friends to meet.

Saying farewell to any one of my dreams makes me sad. Some I have put on the back burner to reignite when the time is right. Others will be part of the bigger story but in ways I am not sure of yet.

What did work in 2016 and will continue in 2017 is publishing online courses to help you thrive via The Artists’ Mentor.

I introduced very well-received courses including Jen Kiaba’s Present Perfect and Mike Brennan’s Your Artists’ Journey. Future guest instructor led courses will be published as I have resources to produce them.

I also launched my own Your Signature Artist Brand, too.

I take a very different approach to branding as it is my own personal philosophy especially for artists and creatives like you. I knew I had to address very specific topics and insights that no one else ever covers. It makes me sooooo happy to know current students are really enjoying it.

Included in the course is a private FB group plus monthly live Q&A calls with me and other students. I will be adding new content to the course, too. It is currently open now for enrollment and I hope you join us!

As I simplify my goals I will be able to develop a new program that has been on my mind and in my heart for a long time.

This will be a rich community of artists and creatives that have a calling and purpose to bring to the world. I look forward to you joining in the first phase of this unusual and much needed program.

On a final note, while the year did not start as planned, I am taking it as a reminder to constantly ”let go, let in, let be”.

Let go of what is not working,
Let in help for growth and expansion, and
Let be what cannot be changed right now.

I will continue to assess my strengths/joys vs. my weaknesses/dreads to ensure I am spending my time on what is working, makes me happy, and is profitable.

be willing

This life is good and even better with clarity, kindness, and encouragement in our lives. I want to be that for you as an artist because it is important that you be the artist we are waiting for.

So…what are you willing to let go of to have the life you truly desire this year? After all, letting go really is just allowing space for what is next or needs to be.

Bonnie 🙂

BG Circle

Bonnie Glendinning,
Artists’ Coach and Mentor

Bonnie Glendinning, Founder of The Thriving Artist and The Artists’ Mentor, and is an Artists’ Coach and Mentor. With her professional artist programs, she empowers artists to live and work prosperously. Join Bonnie and other artists in her global community and here on the web.

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