You Are An Agent Of Change

This week I received a lovely note from an artist in the mail (yup, actual mail).

She wrote to tell me that she had long been avoiding requests to speak about her artwork to others.

Yet, she was intrigued by my comment in my recent post about how artists think creatively and out of the box. And, she now sees how speaking about her art actually helps provide a fuller experience for her viewers.

Firstly, I am genuinely fortified to keep at my mission when I receive personal, heartfelt notes such as hers. Secondly, I am so happy that she now understands that her gift of being an artist is to be shared with others. Just like her note has encouraged me, her speaking about her art will impact others in ways she has not yet imagined.



Maybe you don’t see how you might make a difference.

Then, try to imagine history without artists. Artists have long been the conceivers, perceivers, and shapers of our lives and world. Without artists we would have no culture, ancient or current.

I want to emphasize that as an artist you are an agent of change in the world around you. Your potential to impact individuals and communities is significant. You sense the world differently than non-artists and that is not to be undervalued — ever.

Simply put, as an artist you are a cultural ambassador and leader.

Do you have something you have been avoiding or dreaming to do as an artist? Make an effort to pursue it today because it really does matter that you do it for both yourself and for others.


BG Circle

Bonnie Glendinning, Founder of The Thriving Artist, is a Branding & Community Strategist for Artists. With her professional artist programs, she empowers artists to live and work prosperously. Join Bonnie and other artists in her Thriving Artist Path global community, on Periscope @thriveartist, and here on the web.