Your Artist Declaration of Independence

Today is July 4th, Independence Day, here in the United States. There will be plenty of gatherings with family and friends celebrating the pursuit of happiness, freedom, and independence.

I have been thinking about happiness, freedom, and independence a lot lately and what it means to me personally. All three are critical factors to creating the life you want and a world you want to share with others.

My perspective and imperatives have changed along the way in my life and I am again at that point of reflection.



What does happiness, freedom and independence mean to you? 

All of my life I have lived in a free society providing for a lot of latitude to pursue my dreams. But, living in a free society does not guarantee anything.

Years ago I watched a T.V. interview with comedienne Tracey Ullman about living in the U.S. versus her home country of England. She answered (paraphrased from my memory): “You have a lot of freedoms here in the U.S. Most notably, the freedom to starve.”

She went on to clarify that you have to bust your butt to make it because generally there are no safety nets or subsidies in this U.S. to fall back on. It’s completely up to you to make it happen.

What is the motivation behind your dreams? 

My Dad emigrated from England to the U.S. as an adult. He came with no particular advantages on his side other than a dream to live in America.

When he was a young boy in Birmingham, England during WWII a U.S. soldier from California stayed with his family. During the blackouts, this soldier told him all about living in America and it was then “The American Dream” was instilled in his heart.

Dad said that at that time in England education was the only route to a better life if you were not wealthy. Dad was determined to excel in school ensuring a place at University.

His parents were surprised that he wanted to go to University, let alone move all the way to America. But, he had big dreams and he knew in his heart he had to do it.

Following your own path is not necessarily an easy pursuit. It requires more gumption, courage, determination, and luck than you think you have.

Dad’s perseverance and focus paid off. He created his own path and lived his life in America as he had dreamed of, raised his three daughters, and created a successful practice as a beloved Optometrist in his community.

Had my Dad not dreamt of (and actually pursued) a better life for himself I wouldn’t even be around to write this email to you. 😉




All of this to say, it truly does matter that you pursue your dreams and bring them to life. 

Learn from my Dad:
1. have a vision
2. continue to educate yourself
3. take action
4. never give up
5. make your own opportunities
6. celebrate along the way

As artists, we can get sidetracked, persuaded, convinced, and otherwise complacent about what we can or cannot achieve. It is our #1 purpose to disregard any forces that steer us away from our heart’s desire.



In this spirit, I ask that you make your own declaration of independence.

There is no better time in history than today for you to be an independent artist.

You have unprecedented access to customers and networks that cross all borders.

You can now completely control every aspect and outcome of your art career.

All of this was not nearly as achievable (or, at least a helluva lot harder) not too long ago.


As I learned from my Dad — education is vital to achieving our dreams.

This is why my own declaration of independence includes my mission to provide tools and resources to help you thrive and prosper as an artist.

This year I have been developing and introducing new courses for you through The Artists’ Mentor. Included in the offerings is my most comprehensive resource: All Access Program.

The All Access Program really is your A to Z, soup to nuts, all that and a bag of chips resource to reference throughout your art career.

I know you have the talent, desire, and will. Check out the complete details:


Bonnie 🙂


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Bonnie Glendinning,
Artists’ Coach and Mentor

Bonnie Glendinning, Founder of The Thriving Artist and The Artists’ Mentor, and is an Artists’ Coach and Mentor. With her professional artist programs, she empowers artists to live and work prosperously. Join Bonnie and other artists in her global community here on the web.

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